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Thoughts on Presentation

So a few days ago I had my “Prototypes” presentation, the brief essentially to show where I am with the project at the moment and where it might go next. I was shitting myself a little bit in the lead up, especially considering how good everyone else’s were.

As with most of these things, in the end, everything was alright on the night. Got some decent feedback. Going to try make sense of it here. This will probably be tedious to read, so I might throw a lolcat in there just to spice it up.

Apparently I’m on the edge of something really good, but no-one seems sure what. This particular bit of feedback was both assuring and useless. I take from this that I probably just need to keep pushing these weird experiments I’m doing into different spaces and hope I hit on something…

It’s definitely the process of collaborative use, as opposed to manufacture or consumption, that has been the most successful stuff so far. Sharing, and objects designed specifically for the act of sharing, will probably define the rest of the project. The problem I’ve been having with my previous experiments has been in trying to force more social ideals onto objects originally born of a private consumer capitalist system – there’s always an awkwardness about this contradiction. I might need to create completely new typologies of objects in order to overcome this, which would be no mean feat. We’ll see.

Also, I need to leave the studio and start experimenting in the outside world, move what I’m doing outside of my circle of friends. Simply designing for these more public and therefore more complex situations should provoke new angles from which to approach stuff. Hopefully.

So yeah. Some interesting stuff. Going to spend a couple of days wandering about the city just looking about and seeing if anything occurs. Might take some photos. Might do some drawings. See you later.

One step backward…

This is a video made in a group project completed in Spring 2010. The brief, set by Kin Design, was to create the concept for some pop-up shops in London, promoting Nokia’s N900 smartphone.

The idea was that users would use a N900 at the locations to interact with physical representations of apps, which used more analogue/traditional media processes to give a more memorable and tactile experience than what purely digital platforms can offer.

It was an exploration of the relationship between analogue and digital media, something which I am very interested in, and, similarly, the relationship between humans and technology.

There’s a good chance my work this year will wander frequently into this territory.

An introduction of sorts.

I am Chris. I am a designer studying at Goldsmiths, about to undertake my final year. This blog will document all the highs, lows, cuts and thrusts (lots of thrusts) of this potentially life-ending experience.