So recently I’ve been making a bunch of these little films where I get some people to perform various everyday tasks – the difference being that they are forced to rely upon or co-operate with one another in order to achieve their goal.

One afternoon in the pub, Matt House suggested that he have his hair cut by a few people at once, for the sake of my project. A very noble gesture. And very brave, considering the beautiful, long flowing hair that he (used to) have.

We got three experienced (well, kind of) scissor-smiths in to do the job – Anisha, Jigna and Natalia. Once again, I filmed it and cut it down to make the viewing experience less arduous.

Were Matt’s precious long locks savagely ruined, or transformed into a wonderful new barnet? Theres only one way to find out.


There you go. A pretty stylish haircut I’d say.  Not sure what to say about this one, it was just a quick video done one morning when I didn’t have too much else to do. I didn’t really design anything there. Maybe need to stop

I’m not sure if I’d personally like the three-barber experience because I hate getting my hair cut. But if you don’t mind a little bit of attention, maybe next time, do it this way.

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