Thoughts on Wow

[vimeo w=500&h=400]

This little gem is a video I made a good few months ago of a toaster I made for five people to use. It was a quick experiment around fragmenting objects to make their use a more social experience.

I’ve recently been going through the experiments I’ve done so far, trying to unpick what worked and what didn’t, to work out what the direction of my project will be until the end of the year. One of the most striking common things about the successes was the “wow” at the end. The toaster was a very simple and slightly daft experiment, but when everyone cheers at the end, it somehow transcends this.

As they are experiments, there is obviously an inherent spirit of experimentation surrounding the event. Its how you take this beyond using something for the first time, translating the sense of social achievement into everyday life.

Maybe that’s what my project is about. Don’t know how all the network theory I was spouting earlier in the year fits into this. I guess it was the dissatisfaction at the scale and impersonality of the large scale networks we are part of, that overwhelming mass of information, that prompted me to look at smaller scale networks and bringing people together in reality.

I’m writing really badly at the moment, I apologise for that. Lots of contradicting thoughts to try to articulate and resolve. Hopefully everything will start to make sense soon.

Soon to come: a post where I go on about chopstick-based parables.

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