One Wheeled Skateboards

Boards, Pre-Use

To continue my stream of random stuff I’ve been making, the other day I made these one-wheeled skateboards – again, the idea being that it would make sharing and interdependent behaviour necessary to get anywhere with them. They were really easy to make, just a bit of plywood and a wheel, took about 25 minutes to make one.


So here’s a little gif of the boards in action. You might need to click on it for it to work.

With four people using them (or, for that matter, two or three) they didn’t really go anywhere quick. Mostly because the wheels weren’t very good – they held the weight well, but didn’t roll very smoothly. It was still kind of fun though, there was something nice about the having to physically hold on to each other in order to not break your neck.

Holding on for Dear Life

I’m not sure whether to refine the design to make it work better or just leave it. I think, once again, it was the sense of anticipation and experimentation that made it work – not knowing what the outcome of this shared process would be. This has definitely been the most successful thing so far throughout my experiments, so its perhaps this that I should focus on going forward.

Also need I to use real people, not designers. They’re not real people.

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