Building a Quarter of a Table

Following on from the collaborative chair I took part in making the other day, I decided to build more objects in that vein, but under different conditions. This time it would be a table, to go with the chair, but made by four people rather than two – myself, Henry, Ben and Natalia.

Again, measurements were agreed, namely the height of the table and the width of half the surface. One quarter with one leg each, all joining in the middle. Once again we all worked completely separately, only joining together at the end.

For my quarter, I just started off by cutting the 40×40 square that would make up my part of the surface area. It was really crap MDF board, so I thought I’d best cover it up somehow. When rummaging about for materials to do this with, I came across some green felt and my decision was made: my quarter would have to be a snooker table, as such:


Henry made this hefty bastard:


Ben made this perspex-topped beaut:


Natalia made this very neat creation:


It took each of us the best part of a day to build our respective quarters, and when we brought them all together at the end of the day, we had quite a task joining them all together. If you look underneath the finished table, there is an amazingly complex botched structure of various planks of wood, glue, screws and steel rods. Top class engineering, I say.


Snooker Corner

Design Cafe

And He Saw That It Was Good

As with the chair, the result was really positive. Especially when you see them together, its really interesting to see how different people have approached the task, and how it all fits at the end. The spirit of experimentation, and not knowing how it will all come together, really makes it a fun process to be part of that would never be possible if done alone. There’s more in this. Off to do some thinking.

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