Thoughts on a Manifesto

Recently thoughts have moved on from thinking solely about our own projects to thinking about what kind of shape our end of year show will take. This has proved to be quite a difficult task so far.

As an exercise to get the ball rolling, our course leader asked us to each produce a personal manifesto on what we believe in as a designer. Not easy either. I tend not to like making such things concrete, because using language always seems to somehow betray what you actually think. But eventually, I managed to settle on a good eleven nuggets of pure design wisdom. Here they are.

Everything is interesting.

Read about everything other than design, because that’s what design should be concerned with.

Designers should always believe they have the power to change the world.

Everyone is a designer, and a designer cannot be everyone.



Go for walks.

If your brain stops working, drink some tea.

Designing is like crap science, but that’s no reason to stop experimenting.

Don’t depend on computers, they are only one of many tools you can use.

Value your time, but don’t underestimate the value of pissing around.

Admittedly, it could do with a more snappy ending. But anyway.

It was suggested that we write a new manifesto every year and compare it to those that have come before. I think I might just do that. It’ll be interesting to see how this stuff changes throughout my life. Maybe (just maybe) keeping a record and review of my beliefs will stop me falling so easily into a middle-aged rut of conservative self preservation.

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