Strings and Things

This week has been Film Week, where we have been having film workshops with Quique Corrales and Roasrio Hurtado. This culminated in the production of short films about our projects that were all shown yesterday in a design film premiere-fest.

This week has confirmed my suspicion that I’m not very good at the whole workshop thing. I like to have time to let ideas ferment and mature like a fine wine. One week workshops are a bit of a challenge for me. Note to self, need to get better at them.

After much panicking I settled on an idea that vaguely related to the whole network of objects thing that I’ve been exploring lately, which was just to get a load of string and try to connect all of the things in my room together. More than anything, I wanted to see what it would look like. I just made a simple stop motion, taking a picture everytime a new link was added to the network.

Here it is.

There are plenty of problems with it, but its alright for a day’s work. Wish I hadn’t used that shiny tape in the middle though.

Also, iMovie is so bad it makes me want to break stuff.

Anyway, feedback for the film was generally quite good, and that I should do it again but with a whole room, or even a whole house. This would make me very unpopular at home, but I might do it if I have a few days free (unlikely).

Hope you enjoyed.

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