Twittering Incessantly

After finding out about the diarist Robert Shields, who recorded a diary entry every five minutes of his life for over 25 years, I decided I would try something similar. This time however, instead of only allowing people to read it 50 years after my death, I would publish everything as it was happening. This is because, instead of a typewriter, I used Twitter.

There are many modern-day Robert Shields’ on Twitter, publishing every tiny detail of their lives to anyone who will listen. We tend to find these people annoying.

“I don’t care if you have just eaten some toast,” we like to say.

Which makes me wonder why the response to mine was relatively positive, even with a bit of sarcasm taken account for. Here are a few examples of things people tweeted at me during the day:

henryflitton @christhomas_90 7 minutes since your last tweet! how was your shower? the suspence is killing me

chrissy_styles @christhomas_90 Reading your tweets today is becoming an annoyingly interesting form of procrastination!

matty5190 @christhomas_90 You should tweet like this more often, in all sincerity. Pretty much hanging on your every word.

utku #FF @christhomas_90 As an experiment he’s tweeting everything for a day. ‘Normal’ can be fascinating. Great blog too.

Thank you all. But why?

It makes me wonder how people would react if I did this for an extended period of time. See how long the honeymoon period lasts. And I would do this, if it weren’t so tiring. At the beginning of the day, it was actually strangely productive – I had a closer eye on time which meant I got more done. But as it went on, having to update every five minutes became a chore. I need to find a way of making something that will do it all for me.

The full manuscript can be seen below, if you want to bore yourself for five minutes. Click on it to see it bigger. Don’t forget to tweet about it.

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