Infrastructure of One

When chatting to my project mentor (the genius Jimmy Loizeau) the other day , we discussed all the thoughts I had been having about the systems and networks that culminate in everyday objects. He articulated it in a way I had never before – “the infrastructure of one.” Now this probably doesn’t sound like a large leap from what I had been doing before but it somehow solidified my idea of what I was interested in.

I decided to map out all of the systems of manufacture, reproduction, consumption etc. that culminated in me. Click to see at full size.

The resulting map is by no means perfect (and as far as Jimmy is concerned, not finished) but its interesting to look at the different materials that go into the manufature of my clothes, phone etc. As I said, it is by no means complete – I left out transport for example due to the insanely complex new branches that it would require to describe all the processes feeding cars, trains and planes…

As an ongoing project I’m going to keep working on it at a much larger scale (this one’s A2, so A0 would probably be better) and try to map everything.

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