Toast Modifications

So after we collaboratively made some toast yesterday, I left the golden brown slice hanging freely in the middle of the studio. Only a day later, said toast has been irreverently tampered with by my fellow classmates.

Matt House, who has been working with clicky-pens recently, put a pen through the toast:

Pen in toast

In a separate incident, Ben Weetman then put butter on one side:

Butter side up

And a cat on the other:

Cat lands on feet

As toast always falls butter-side-down, and cats always land on their feet, the toast remains suspended in mid-air in a state of proverbial paradox – theoretically, I could cut the string and it would not fall.

“Bloody Goldsmiths students” I hear you say.

Damn fucking right.

One response to “Toast Modifications

  1. You can drop my cat and he doesn’t always land on his feet. He’s a special cat.

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