Thoughts on Feedback

So yesterday we all did presentations to the class and tutors to show where we’re at with our projects and where they might go in the next few weeks. Excuse my subsequent thinking-out-loud on how it went. Need to get it down while its fresh int’ memory.

To be honest, I was hoping for a bit of a bollocking to make me do more and give me a bit of direction. The actual response seemed to be more like “hmmmmm…” Which is what I’ve been thinking too. The problem is that I’ve been doing far too much thinking and not enough doing. Trying to analyse things on grand scales rather than focusing on smaller, more everyday things and actually designing stuff.

In other words:


But first, just a little more thinking. Honestly, I’ll stop after this.

I guess there are two strands to what I’ve been doing so far. One part of it has been about making sense of networks, how they work, how they’re constructed etc. This has generally not really helped me that much. It just makes me go “whoaaaa” but doesn’t result in much else. It could well be a dead end.

The other strand would be the Google Day type stuff – where I’m basically looking at how amazingly complex networks can culminate in absolute banality. The ideas in I,Pencil also fit into this very nicely. Its just a pencil, but when you think about the huge system of collaboration that went into making it, its really quite incredible. I’ve always been drawn to this kind of thing – the simultaneous amazingness/shitness of the world.

So as I’ve said, I need to start doing stuff. Time to make a list.

– Build hugely complex network-like structures that power mundane activities.

– Do more Google Day-esque experiments. Maybe try the same thing with Yahoo and Bing. A new battle in the war of the search engines.

– Find new ways of translating networked data into everyday actions and decisions e.g twitter-feed via arduino kind of things…

So that’s it for now. If I do another post in the next two weeks that starts with the words “Thoughts on….” then you have permission to slap me.

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