Modelling a Physical Network

This week has been modelling week, and a such, I have been making models. The studio currently looks like a mixture between an episode of Blue Peter and the aftermath of Hiroshima.

So to try and develop the stuff I’ve been writing about here, I decided I would try and build some kind of network in physical space, that took cues from both real social networks and online ones.

After much staring into space, I had this idea of somehow using plastic cups and string telephones, being about as lo-fi a long-distance communication platform as you can probably get.


I thought I would basically make loads of these very simple telephones and create a network out of them, as some way of collating sounds and conversations from around the room into one place.


This was supposed to create some kind of simple collective consciousness, where you can put your head in the central hub and hear the various conversations going on around the room, kind of like a small scale, lo-fi Twitter.

"I'm a concept."

It didn’t actually work very well. BUT it theoretically could. So I’m going to work some more on it and find a way of carrying the sound better, whilst blocking out other nearby sounds not carried by string.

It could work really well in a bigger space, and spaces similar to the studio, where there are these various smaller social groups and so on, the more diversity of input the better.

It could be cool anyway. More to do. Back later.

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