Thoughts on Thoughts

So I’m getting to a point now where I’m trying to make sense of all the stuff I’ve been thinking, writing and drawing about in the last few weeks, to try and work out where this whole final year project thing is going.

It’s well confusing.

Screen Window

I think, in a way, the reason I’m having problems is because I have been dealing with things like knowledge, thoughts, empathy, consciousness etc. in relation to the internet. These are all very much immaterial concepts. Design tends to be a very material (if not necessary materialist) practice. Its a strange area Im working in at the moment.

But this idea of a “collective consciousness” fascinates me, both in how it is constructed, and how it evolves and manifests itself.  So with the I, Pencil stuff, I was on about how various constituent bits of knowledge contribute to this one physical thing. And I’ve looked at how networks are constructed and how they work, the effect of screens on our lives etc etc etc.

All fascinating stuff. I just need to stop it becoming too vague and intangible, and start actually making things.


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