Google Day (Part 2)

…Continuing from the last post where I had my morning’s activities decided by Google searches. Here’s the afternoon!

12:30 – I’m getting a bit peckish now, and its probably time for lunch. So Google, “what should I eat for lunch?” First result is a website called “hunch”, which asks you to answer a few questions so it can decide what you should have for lunch. Telling it things like I want it to fill me up till early evening and that I like spicy food, it gives me an answer: Quesadillas.

12:35 – I ask Google “how do I make quesadillas?” and follow the first recipe that comes up.

This takes me to a lovely video with chef Jason Hill, possibly the most american man in the world, telling me how to make a chicken quesadilla. Invaluable advice. Thanks, Jason.

12:40 – I am missing a few ingredients from the list, so will have to go shopping again. This internet thing is expensive. Back in a bit.

13:00 – Back from shops and ready to start making this food. About to undo all the good work I did with the cleaning up earlier.


13:20 – Cooked along to Jason, following his every last word. I can’t believe how much cheese he puts in the bloody thing. This might kill me.


13:35 – Finished eating, very satisfying luncheon. Belly stuffed full of cheese.


13:40 – So now I have eaten lunch and have a free afternoon. I typed in “something to do this afternoon” and got this: Look out for tornadoes. Kind of unlikely in South London. Still. Have to do what it says. I’ll give it fifteen minutes.

Watching for Tornadoes

13:55 – No tornadoes.

13:56 – Best search again with a slightly different approach. Tried “stuff to do on tuesdays”, and clicked the first result, a mumsnet forum. Seeing as I don’t have a one year-old immediately to hand, I thought I’d best do the stuff myself – “singing and dancing/messy play etc.”

14:00 – So, I blasted some music on the stereo and I sung and I danced. Look at me, I’m really going for it there.


14:30 – Enough of that. Now for the other bit – what the hell is messy play? I turned safesearch on, asked Google, and I was led to a government PDF document outlining what messy play can entail. The list of possibilities was huge, but the first page and top of the list was painting. Hand painting. Haven’t done this in about 15 years. This should be good. Best get my nice Godly shirt off and put the white t shirt on again.



15:10 – That was awesome. My hands are bright orange and purple. Just need to wash up a bit.

15:20 – Im feeling a bit tired now. Mid-afternoon slump. See what I find on Google: “what to do when tired.”

This site gives me three main points as to how to combat my tiredness:

It’s pretty vague to be honest, but in terms of actually doing stuff, I think I can probably cover most of this with the second piece of advice it gives. Looks like I’m going to do some Zen Meditation.

15:30 – Typed in “Zen Meditation” and the first result was a site with detailed instructions on what to do. Perfect. So I will spend ten minutes trying to take in how to do it, then give it a go.


16:10 – Wow. That was actually pretty amazing. I don’t know if I was doing it right, but I feel pretty good now. So its coming up to the end of my 9-5 day of Google based life. I’d best do one more thing – search “things to do at the end of the day”. I got this.

  1. Take a Bath: Taking a bath can provide a lot of healthful benefits, in addition to relaxation. To maximize the experience, play some soft music and light some candles to set the mood. Use moisturizing bath oil to ensure that your skin stays soft and doesn’t dry out.
  2. Order-In: Cooking after a hard day at work might be the last thing you feel like doing. Treat yourself every so often to delivery or take out.
  3. Make it an Early Night: Sleep is an important part of our day. If we don’t get enough, it can wreak havoc on our systems and our energy levels. Once a week, try to get into bed by 9pm for an extra good night’s.
  4. Tea Time: Drink a cup of herbal tea that contains lavender and other ‘relaxing’ herbs. A good one to try is Yogi’s Bedtime tea.

So I’m going to make a bath and drink some herbal tea to finish off the day. It’s tough work, this is.

Tea and Bath

17:00 – Bathed and tea’d up, my experiment is complete.

Analysis to follow.

One response to “Google Day (Part 2)

  1. This has just brightened up my day (and distracted me from working)

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