Thoughts on Screens

Having spent a large part of the summer working at Mint Digital, a digital/interaction media firm in London, I have spent a lot of time working with and thinking about screens.

I think that there is an intrinsically frustrating element of interacting with a screen – there’s this physical barrier between you and the exciting things happening “inside”. Inside the screen, we travel through digital time and space – there is a “world” inside, which is as intriguing and real to some people as the world we actually exist in.

Things like touch screens have allowed us to interact with this content in a more novel and tactile way, but it still leaves me feeling like there could be more. Its still “in there” and I’m “out here.” In fact, touching the screen makes me more aware of this separation – I am pressing my fingers against the window, looking but unable to get in.

People have talked about this idea of the “internet of things” – a reality where all the objects in the world are taggable, categorisable, recognisable etc. by the internet, so we can organise, share, advertise them… whatever we wish, but on the internet’s scale.

As well as feeling rather uncomfortable with the idea of having all of my personal possessions publishable and broadcastable, it seems to me like we’re going the wrong way here

It should be instead about “things of the internet.” We are currently adding a digital layer on top of the physical world. Why not think about how we might physicalize the digital world?

I have no idea how this might actually work. But imagine being able to walk into into the internet. Like Tron basically. That would be fucking amazing.

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